• You have a Computer :) with Windows 7 or higher (with 32-Bit support).
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect Edition Corporate, Unified or Ultimate Version 12 or higher is installed on your computer.
  • EA is not running.
  • The Professional Editions of EA are not supported.
  • Procead is a 32-Bit Add-In because EA ist 32-Bit.


Apply the MSI Installer archive to your computer. This installs the software to your computer.

No more, no less.

Initial Setup

Procead must be setup once for every project model as follows:

  1. Open your EA project model
  2. Procead should be present in the main menue Extend or Specialize (EA 14+)
  3. Select Procead - Setup. The Add-In creates a new root-model named "Procead". This is where all project related settings are stored.
    Important Notice:This name must not be changed or reused for other root models within the project!
  4. Procead is delivered with free-of-charge 30-days trial license.
    User licences may solely be requested via our web site
    Install your user license certificate with Procead - Help - Add License.
  5. Learn more with Procead - Help - User Manual