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Meeting requirements of safety related development

Procead supports key process areas to achieve compliance with the requirements of standards like V-Modell® XT, CMMI® for Development, IEC 61508 and many others ...

Focus on Process Improvement

We created Procead as an Add-in for the Sparx® Enterprise Architect to make your development process clear and manageable !

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Procead 2.0 erschienen

  • Neuer Code Link Dialog zur 100%igen Anforderungsverfolgung, Abdeckungsanalyse und Navigation zwischen Model und Code

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Procead Feature Overview

Model driven workflows

(no scripting required)

  • Procead makes process and quality demands binding and practicable
  • Descriptive UML is used to setup workflows with substantial quality baseline control.
  • Separate workflows for project execution and product development
  • No legacy workflow scripting required

Version and Status Control

Sensible element version numbers and states

  • Procead maintains the version and status property of your model elements.
  • Progressing and Iterating becomes visible by means of version increments.
  • The status property is bound to a quality level, resulting from your product qualification model.

Configuration Management

Systematic product configuration and baselining

  • Version and Status properties are automatically aligned to child elements.
  • Uplevel product configurations may be graphically setup for each decision gate.
  • Project progress decisions automatically trigger the creation of baselines and saving of product configurations.
  • Qualified and baselined work may automatically be locked against inadvertent changes.

Quality Management

in-process and bottom-up

  •  Quality control on elements, packages and project stages
  •  Baselined element features monitored to spot resubmission.
  •  Fundamental qualification rules to keep packages and elements aligned.
  •  Product configurations to rule quality gates.

Model - Code - Linking

Early Requirements Coverage by Code

Procead enables linking of code fragments with its model reference elements.

The Code Linking Dialog lets you

  • navigate from specification into the code
  • report requirements coverage
  • maintain realization links