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Focus on Process Improvement

We created Procead as an add-in for the Sparx® Enterprise Architect to make your development process clear and manageable !

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Ways to managed Software Development, Quality and Safety

We provide solutions for engineering organisations with a strong focus on process and quality management.

Procead 2.0 released

Added Source Code Linking and Navigating to reach 100% requirements traceability and coverage
English and German user interface
3 levels of rule compliance

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Meeting requirements of safety related development

Procead addresses key process areas to facilitate compliance with requirements of standards V-Modell® XT, CMMI® for Development, IEC 61508 and many others ...

Development Process Model Integration

Forget about workflow scripting

Procead brings your process and quality aspects to the project team.

No legacy workflow scripting.

Use clear UML to describe your project execution strategy.

Use clear UML to describe your work products' qualification model.

Basic quality rules are built-in.

Configuration Management

Improve auditing acceptability

Version, Status and Baseline information are maintained by Procead to become reliable indicators on project, package and element level.

Procead is securing your qualified and baselined work against inadvertent changes based on decision gates.


Sinnvolle Versionsnummern

Procead verwaltet das Versionsattribut an Modell-Elementen, so dass inhaltliche Veränderungen anhand der Versionsnummer einfach erkennbar werden.


Nutze den Status, um Qualitätstufen zu reflektieren.

Procead bindet das Statusattribut von Elementen an eine Qualitätsstufe, die sich durch den frei definierbaren Qualifizierungsprozess ergibt.

Procead überwacht Änderungen an Elementen und schlägt ggf. eine Herabsetzung der Qualität vor.

Model - Code Linking

Requirements Coverage by Code

Procead establishes virtual realization relations between model reference elements and code segments.

A special code linking dialog enables navigation between model and code, determining requirements coverage and the creation of links.



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