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Ways to managed Software Development, Quality and Safety

We provide solutions for software engineering organisations with a strong focus on process and quality management.

Procead is our first commercial Add-In for the Sparx® Enterprise Architect which seamlessly integrates your process model with the project model.

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Procead Verson 1.4 released!

Minor upgrade to allow late test specification per test class on qualified elements. See current release notes.

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Meeting Requirements of Safety related Development Life Cycles

Using State-of-Art Sparx Enterprise Architect we address the key process areas to become compliant with requirements of the IEC 61508 family of standards.

Augmenting Integrity of Model Elements and Packages

Version, Status and Baseline information are maintained by Procead to become reliable indicators on project, package and element level.

Configuration Management integrated.

Reducing Process- and Quality Management Overhead

We bring your process and quality aspects to the development team. Respective people directly take part in development and maintenance of the project model.

Less Objections, less Interfaces, less Obstacles.